NGSgo®-IndX plates

Simplify your NGSgo workflow for Illumina


As part of our NGSgo® product line compatible with the Illumina® platforms, GenDx introduces the NGSgo®-IndX Plate (Research Use Only). The 96-well plate provides a ready-to-use format for indexing, making your workflow easier and faster, while eliminating the risk of pipetting incorrect index combinations. The familiar dual indices are supplied as a single reaction per well, each well containing a unique combination.


The indices are dried to prevent evaporation and colored orange for easy visual identification. The distribution of the indices across the plates guarantees frequent barcode rotation, as required by EFI standards.

The NGSgo-IndX plate allows for flexible sample sizes for your NGS workflow. The seal covering the plate can easily be cut to reveal only the indices required in a single run. This gives you the choice to use only one, or all 96 index combinations at once. Unused indices can be stored for the next workflow.

Four different IndX plates are available, each containing unique index combinations. Combining all four plates allows for processing of 384 samples in a single run. The plates can be used for both manual pipetting and in automated workflows.



For more information about the NGSgo®-IndX plates, automation of your workflow, prices and more, contact our Support team.


Group Product Description No. of Tests Cat. No.
IndX RUO** NGSgo®-IndX Adapters & Indices Illumina (plate I) 96 2342153
  NGSgo®-IndX Adapters & Indices Illumina (plate II) 96 2342253
  NGSgo®-IndX Adapters & Indices Illumina (plate III) 96 2342353
  NGSgo®-IndX Adapters & Indices Illumina (plate IV)  96 2342453
  NGSgo®-IndX Adapters & indices Illumina (plate 384) 4x96 2342553