14 June 2019

The first Tulip Chop event, organized by GenDx for this year’s Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung HLA-Workshop was a big success! The event which took place at the nature reserve of the German Hunsrück in the woods had more than 30 participants! All other conference attendees watched it and cheered for the participating teams.

The participants were divided in teams of 2 people and started sawing pieces of wood. The fastest team was the winner. The wood that was used for the event was provided by the local rangers that are working hard to maintain one of the biggest wooded area nature parks in Germany, the Hunsrück. Trees need to be trimmed from time to time to keep the area resistant and healthy.

Thank you all for joining us and till next time!



You may find more photos from the Tulip Chop and also from our other events in our Gallery