7 August 2019

We are very pleased to welcome H. A. Shah & Sons as distributor for GenDx  in Pakistan.


H.A.Shah & Sons is a company involved in chemical analysis, life sciences, forensic sciences and chemistries & supplies. They are certified representatives of the world’s leading laboratory equipment manufacturers. Part of their mission is to improve the quality of life of the community by strong partnering with their customers.

They aspire to become a leading global and national enterprise in the chemical analysis industry and the partner of choice for laboratory devices and solutions.


For more information or placing your order directly, please contact:

H.A. Shah & Sons
3rd Floor, 109-W,
Sardar Begum Plaza, Jinnah Avenue
Blue Area Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone +92 51 2348515          
Fax +92 51 2348520
Website  http://hashah.com


Welcome aboard the GenDx family!