Tom Barendregt (22) is a highly ambitious student, who has been successful at doing what he loved the most: playing ice-hockey. Yet at 17 years of age he got aggressive leukemia. Tom received intensive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplantation was required. Fortunately, a suitable donor was found rather fast.
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No match, no future
Not everyone is as lucky as Tom. Over 9000 Dutch citizens are diagnosed with leukemia every year (Matchis, 2018). For several hundreds of them, a stem cell donor is needed, as it is their last chance for survival. And not always a matching donor can be found, as such match has to be extremely precise and currently there is a shortage of unrelated donors. When there is no match for the patient, the possibility of death becomes very real. Every single donor on the registry is of crucial importance, as this increases the chance for survival of blood cancer patients. 

Give someone a chance to live: sign up as a stem cell donor
We at GenDx, together with Matchis (Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors), invite you to sign up as a stem cell donor! Are you 18 – 50 of age and healthy? Come to our Stem Cell Donor Registry Day on September 20th at the Utrecht Science Park (USP)/De Uithof and get all the information you need to sign up as a donor.

We will be ready to answer any of your questions related to stem cell donation and guide you through a very simple process of subscribing as a stem cell donor. Prior to this day, our volunteers will visit some of your lectures to give you a short overview of this issue. Check out our infographic for more information.

Stem Cell Donor Registry Day

Information stand Matchis/GenDx
Thursday, September 20th 2018
10:00 – 16:00


  • University Faculty of Medicine, A.A. Hijmans van den Berghgebouw, cafeteria (Universiteitsweg 98)
  • University Medical Center Utrecht, Laboratory for Translational Immunology,
    Diagnostics / HLA (Heidelberglaan 100)
  • Life Sciences Incubator/A. Numangebouw (Yalelaan 62)
  • Androclus Building (Veterinary Faculty), ground floor (Yalelaan 1)
  • Princess Maxima Center (Heidelberglaan 25)


Becoming a stem cell donor is a great opportunity to give someone a chance to live.  Join us in making a real difference!

This campaign is connected to the international World Marrow Donor Day, which is held on 15 of September 2018 in countries all over the globe. To learn more, click here: