24 July 2018

Our powerful and highly-intuitive software NGSengine for NGS-Based HLA typing has been updated. 

Major new features*:

  1. The note introduced in NGSengine 2.9 has evolved into a comment. Comments can be created for a sample or a locus and can be included in the personalized pdf report.
  2. The CWD status of alleles is shown on the overview screen when the “Show CWD-info” is selected.
  3. HL7 version 2 can be exported.
  4. GL-strings are now included in the TARR export.
  5. IMGT/HLA database, release 3.32.0 is included and selected by default.

* including bug fix 2.10.1

Make sure to update your software to the latest version to enjoy these new features. For a complete overview of all new features and updates, please check the release certificate 2.10.0 and release certificate 2.10.1.

To download NGSengine 2.10.1 click here.