5th October 2017

To enjoy the newest features of NGSengine, make sure to update your powerful and intuitive software to the latest version 2.7.0

Major new features:

  1. Insertions not present in the IMGT/HLA database are now reported (Illumina and Ion Torrent).
  2. A pdf report of a single sample can be generated with a right click option in the overview screen. Selecting multiple samples followed by this right click option offers you a separate pdf for each selected sample.
  3. A realignment step has been added to the analysis to improve the alignment of read ends. This results in a decrease of noise in specific regions.
  4. The latest IMGT/HLA database, release 3.29.0, is included and selected by default.

For a complete overview of all new features and updates, please check the release certificate .

To download NGSengine 2.7.0 click here.