July 5th, 2017

KMRengine analysis software for Chimerism Monitoring by qPCR now inlcudes 10 HLA-KMR™ markers.  These markers are a result of a collaborative project of Prof. Katharina Fleischhauer, University Hospital Essen, Germany, Dr. Luca Vago from San Raffaele Scientific Institute Milano, Italy and GenDx, Utrecht, the Netherlands. (M. Ahci, C. Toffalori, et al. (2017) A new tool for rapid and reliable diagnosis of HLA loss relapses after HST. Blood). 

New qPCR instruments (version updates) are now compatible: QuantStudio DX 1.0.1, QuantStudio 5 (Thermo Fisher cloud) and SYBR green can now be selected as a reporter.

For a complete overview check the release notes.

Release notes