HLA typing for donor registries

Whether you are looking for high or intermediate resolution HLA typing for your donor registry, at GenDx we offer solutions for both. SBTexcellerator® for high resolution and SBTessenz® for intermediate resolution typing. Intermediate resolution level typing means we strategically focus on the antigen recognition site of the gene. This will not solve all ambiguities but will save cost and efforts. Both HLA typing solutions are fully compatible with our SBTengine® software. With its fast and accurate allele assignment data analysis, SBTengine® is the most powerful HLA typing software available. If you are performing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) we can offer NGS-go® reagents and NGSengine® software. NGS-go® is a set of amplification primers available for all loci. NGSengine® HLA typing software is platform-independent and provides a one-button analysis.



Accurate analysis of HLA loci using Sanger sequencing technology for complete high-resolution typing.






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Optimised reagents for Sanger Sequencing-Based Typing (SBT)







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Next Generation Sequencing HLA analysis software

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Take the first step to Next-Generation Sequencing with NGSgo®-AmpX HLA amplification primers

  • Single PCR amplifies all relevant exons per HLA locus
  • Primers available for 11 loci
  • NGS platform-independent
  • CE-marked



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