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Can I combine MICA and MICB typing with HLA typing?

Yes. The cycling protocol for MICA and MICB amplification is the same as for the NGSgo-AmpX HLA products, so you can combine the amplification reactions of MICA/MICB and HLA loci in one thermocycler. The resulting amplicons for HLA and MICA and MICB can be pooled per sample before starting the library prep. You can use the same library prep procedure as you use for HLA.

What is GenDx-LongMix?

GenDx-LongMix is a pre-mix of enzyme, dNTPs, and buffer. This mix can be used for the amplification of MICA and MICB.

Is GenDx-LongMix also available for HLA Typing?

Not at the moment, but GenDx-LongMix may become available for HLA typing in the future.

Why are the MICA MICB primer pellets orange?

The orange color has been added to make the primer pellets visible. In this way, you can verify that the primer pellets are in the bottom of the tube after centrifugation before resuspension.

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