Several HLA types have been found to be associated with diseases and pharmacogenetics. Expensive and time-consuming technologies, such as SSP and SSOP are still used to test such associations, but at GenDx we believe that innovation is the key for more reliable and efficient disease association screenings.

This is why we put a lot of effort into the development of a new product: NGSgo® HLA-LinkX®. It is fully compatible with our NGSgo® HLA typing strategy and it will reduce your laboratory workload and will make your NGS runs more cost-effective.

You have an opportunity to become among the first users of NGSgo HLA-LinkX by participating in the Early Access Program and testing the product!

GenDx will provide you with 10 genomic DNA samples for testing. Additionally, we ask you to test at least 10 of your laboratory genomic DNA samples, isolated from clinical samples according to your laboratory standards. Preferentially, these samples have been tested for B27 or genotyped for HLA-B by another method.

What GenDx offers

  • NGSgo® HLA-LinkX® test kit for 48 reactions.
  • Free LINKengine® software during the Early Access Program.
  • Welcome suggestions regarding the final design of the software.
  • One free NGSgo-LibrX kit (48rxn) and one free NGSgo-IndX kit (4x24 rxn). Excess reagents can be used for your own purposes.
  • Full support from the HLA experts at GenDx.

What GenDx expects

  • Test site will test NGSgo HLA-LinkX on 10 DNA samples provided by GenDx and also on 10 or more clinical samples from the test site.
  • GenDx will not receive any patient identifying information on the clinical samples.
  • Sequencing of at least 20 samples will be performed within 3 months after receiving the EAP materials.
  • LINKengine software will be evaluated within 6 months after receiving the EAP materials.
  • Test site will be requested to fill in a short questionnaire to provide feedback.

Product limitations:
NGSgo® HLA-LinkX® and LINKengine® are prototype products, which are still in the developmental stage and not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Maarten Penning PhD, CTO at GenDx
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