Portrait photograph of Wietse Mulder
Wietse Mulder PhD
Chief Executive Officer

About Wietse

Wietse Mulder (1962) has ample experiences in both scientific research as well in the commercialisation of both products and custom research services. In 1989 he obtained his master degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Utrecht. He is knowledgeable about a diverse set of genetic (screening) tests as obtained during his PhD period (1994) at the University of Amsterdam and a post-doc position at the University of Wageningen. In 1995 he started as sales account manager at a Dutch distributor of major suppliers for molecular biology and diagnostics. Here he gained expert status on application-driven sales of both products and custom services for molecular bioresearch. In 2004 he started - as part of Biopartnertm entrepreneurial program - the initiative of Genome Diagnostics BV, which was founded at of 1st of March, 2005. Later on, in 2007, Wietse started the company GenDx Products and began to distribute products of other suppliers within the Benelux that are active in the transplantation field. In 2013, GenDX products Inc, Baltimore, MD was founded that distribute HLA typing products within USA. In 2013, Wietse was one of the key founders of KimerDx BV. This Dutch company offers accurate transplant monitoring tests that are used to follow the engraftment for a long period of time.

Wietse's entrepreneurial spirit together with his infectious enthusiasm and drive have proven to be a good mixture for undertaking new initiatives.