Portrait photograph of Maarten Penning
Maarten Penning PhD
Chief Technology Officer

About Maarten

Maarten graduated from the Wageningen University as a molecular biologist and did a PhD on the hepatitis B virus at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. He then left the academic research environment to build a career in science-driven, small scale biotech companies related to the development of DNA diagnostic assays (virology, oncology and transplantation). After being a project leader of various multi-institutional and multi-company projects focused to cancer diagnostics and developing diagnostic test kits for relevant markers within Primagen, he moved to OncoMethylome Sciences (now MDxHealth). There, Maarten was managing the site in Amsterdam developing assays for cancer diagnostics and performing service testing for several large pharma companies. Under his supervision, ISO 13485:2003 certification and ISO 17025:2005 accreditation were obtained and production facilities for kit manufacturing were set-up.

With his motivation to help critically ill patients by developing high-quality products, Maarten joined the GenDx team in September 2010. His wide experience in the development of DNA diagnostics, medical research, clinical trials, quality assurance, general lab and people management has proven to be very useful in his roles as Business Developer and Deputy Managing Director. He was involved in initiating and maintaining collaborations with several companies, e.g. Abbott, ultimately resulting in the acquisition of the AlleleSEQR product lines from Celera. Now, as Chief Technology Officer, it is Maarten’s goal to strengthen the relationship between business opportunities and the development of new products, both assays and software.