Portrait photograph of Marcin Braams 
Marcin Braams  B.ASc
LIMS System Administrator

About Marcin

Marcin joined GenDx in February 2017 after completing his Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. During his Bachelor, he specialized in Biomolecular Research and finished two internships. His first internship was a research internship at the Utrecht University, where he focused on protein expression of different cell types, while the second one was at BioDetection Systems company, where he studied the health effect of common fruits on receptors involved with diabetes using molecular techniques. While he is familiar with Sanger sequencing, Marcin is enthusiastic about deepening his NGS knowledge to further advance the typing of HLA genes. He is also helping to increase efficiency of GenDx by implementing a digital LIMS system, so that more time can be spent on the correct HLA genes typing.