Portrait photograph of Emily Schwedler
Emily Schwedler CLS(ASCP)cm
Application Specialist & Education Manager | North America

About Emily

Emily studied Biomedical Diagnostics with a specialization in Clinical Laboratory Science at Oakland University in Michigan, USA. Prior to joining GenDx in August 2016, she developed valuable laboratory diagnostic skills, while working in Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, and Histocompatibility divisions at various hospital laboratories. During her time at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles HLA laboratory, she was the lead technologist responsible for the development and validation of Next Generation Sequencing testing. Her interests in advanced technologies in the laboratory setting shifted towards a customer oriented setting of molecular diagnostics, as she sought to be a part of the genomic sequencing experts at GenDx.As a Technical Application Specialist at GenDx, she is responsible for training scientists and laboratory personnel in the application of GenDx HLA products and software packages, as well as providing extensive technical and scientific support for our clients.