Making a difference: GenDx encourages and supports stem-cell donation

GenDx develops molecular diagnostic products, enabling accurate donor-patient matching for the purpose of organ or stem cell transplantation. This allows us to make an important contribution to new developments in worldwide healthcare, especially within the transplant community. For this reason and in line with our social responsibility, GenDx actively promotes blood and tissue donation to help transplantation patients.

Donating by employees
We strongly believe that living organ and stem cell donors are of huge value to society and we should show them great care and respect. Hence, GenDx supports its employees who donate blood, stem cells, bone marrow or an organ. Employees are provided with an opportunity to donate blood during working hours. Moreover, individual agreements are made with employees who donate stem cells or are incapable to work due to organ donation.

Supporting Matchis
GenDx is confident that when it comes to blood or tissue donation, sharing and cooperation increases chances of finding a matching donor for a patient. For that reason, we support Matchis, the Dutch center for stem cell donors. Together with Matchis, we have developed a one-day campaign - ‘Stem Cell Donor Registry Day’ - focused on increasing awareness of the issue of lack of stem-cell donors and recruiting new young donors in our local community. GenDx employees volunteer for this campaign and work together with Matchis on recruiting many new donors.

Yearly Registry Day in the local community
In 2018, we organized the first Stem Cell Donor Registry Day at the Utrecht Science Park. During the course of day, we have recruited more than 170 new stem-cell donors. Our aim is to organize this campaign on an annual basis to increase the number of stem cell donors in the Netherlands.

GenDx is located in the Alexander Numan building in De Uithof, Utrecht, The Netherlands
GenDx is a registered trade name of Genome Diagnostics BV