Welcome to our community! Here you can read interviews with experts from the histocompatibility field, in which we discuss current developments, challenges and expectations in the industry. Moreover, in our community we shine a light to personal stories with the connection to the field that we find valuable to share.

Working in the field of immunogenetics, the primary intention of GenDx is to deliver high-quality products for the best donor-recipient match. Despite the unquestionable importance of high-quality typing, there is a lot of work invested in finding donors in the first place that many people may not be aware of.

Recently we had an opportunity to sit down with Jaap Dijkman, the current director of MatchIs, a Dutch center for stem cell donations, and learn more about the current situation in the stem cell donation field. Through the extensive interview, we have learned what are the current priorities, challenges and developments at MatchIs.

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When a patient is in need of a stem cell transplant, the donor has to be found and stem cells have to be collected as soon as possible. But when there are millions of stem cell donors worldwide, how to quickly find the right one in the most efficient way? Martijn Braakman, Head of Transplant Center Services at MatchIs, has shared how his department performs searches of suitable stem cell donors for patients.

Read this interview to find out more about the tasks performed by TCS, predictions of upcoming developments and potential changes in the field.

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For those who face such deadly disease as leukemia the life has divided to 'before' and 'after'. When one is appointed for a stem cell transplant, he or she just needs to wait and hope the donor will be found. Luckily, due to the availability of matching donors, some incredibly tough stories do end well. Leukemia survivor, Tom Barendregt has talked to one of our colleagues Alina Kosoriga and shared his personal story of successfully battling this violent disease.

Read more to learn about Tom's first-hand experience of receiving donor stem cell transplant and his understanding of how crucial it is to have strong spirit during such uncertain times. 

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