Is your lab interested in MICA and MICB and you are eager for a collaboration?

GenDx is making an open call for research proposals for the investigation of the role of MICA and MICB in transplant success.

We offer

  • Access to hybridomas to obtain anti-MICA and MICB antibodies
  • Access to HEK293 cell lines for antigen production (16 MICA, 6 MICB antigens)
  • The assay details
  • Our knowledge and scientific experience to obtain the best possible outcome

You provide

  • Research proposal
    • Investigate role of MICA/B in transplant success
    • Use of 1 (or both) of the MICA MICB ELISAs
    • Use patient samples
    • Intension to publish (in peer reviewed journal)
  • Lab with facilities to produce antibodies/antigens from hybridomas/HEK293
  • Access to relevant patient samples
  • Test and optimize ELISA assay(s)


Write one A4 research proposal and send it to