Discover the DNA of… Andres Rondon!

GenDx is a global leader in molecular diagnostics and develops innovative products for HLA typing and chimerism monitoring. Our team consists of specialists, strategists, technicians, developers and creatives, all with different competences but with the same drive: to advance the field by offering excellent molecular diagnostic tools and sharing knowledge. In our blog Discover our DNA, we like to introduce you to the people behind GenDx. This time we are happy to introduce our colleague: Andres Rondon.

Andres in a few words
Reliable, flexible, personable, jubilant

What position do you fulfill?
I’m a Sales & Application Specialist covering the northeast territory in the United States. In this role, I’m responsible for directing and managing all activities involving sales in my territory. Typical tasks include providing presentations, demonstrations, training, and sales support from beginning to end of the sales process.

What motivates you in your work?
I love being at the forefront of the amazing technologies in the HLA field. Because of the sales and technical aspects of my position, I need to not only be an expert on GenDx products, but I also need to stay up-to-date with competitors and their products. I embrace the learning process and have a strong passion for sharing my knowledge with the field.

What achievement are you most proud of (work related)?
Prior to joining GenDx I worked in HLA labs for seven years, and making the transition to a sales role was a bit intimidating. I have now been with the company for four months, and I’ve successfully carried out a few demos, presentations, webinars, and even acquired a new customer! I’m grateful for my success so far, and for the help from my colleagues

What is your passion, besides your work at GenDx?
My passion and motivation is my family – I am a family man. Some of my friends call me “daddy daycare.” Most of my time outside of work is consumed by my family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a 13-year-old son who is very athletic and intelligent, a 12-year-old artsy step-daughter, the most personable two-year-old son, and a beautiful one-year-old girl. They all keep me very busy between baseball games, soccer, swimming class, school and other activities. I’m lucky to call my wife my best friend, who is also an excellent mother to my children and is carrying the newest addition to the family expected July 21, 2021. Together, we all enjoy eating various cuisines, traveling, and spending time at the beach.

What do people probably don’t know about you?|
I’m very free-spirited, to a degree, and a “jack of all trades.” I like to go with the flow and embrace spontaneity. Sometimes I like to hop on my motorcycle and ride aimlessly. I bartended for a few years at restaurants and nightclubs, and built custom farm tables in my spare time. I was always taught to work hard, so after college I generally always maintained two or three jobs until recently. I’m intrigued by real estate and currently own a couple of properties. One of my goals outside of my career is to keep investing in real estate and expanding my portfolio.