Discover the DNA of… Diya Gao

GenDx is a global leader in molecular diagnostics for matching stem cell transplant patients with donors, and monitor success of transplantation. Our team consists of specialists, strategists, technicians, developers and creatives, all with different competences but with the same drive: to improve the quality of life of transplant patients worldwide. In our blog Discover our DNA, we like to introduce you to the people behind GenDx. This time we are happy to introduce our colleague: Diya Gao

Diya in a few words
Cheerful, passionate, thoughtful

What position do you fulfill?
Project Manager R&D
Leading research projects for improving current products and generating new products to expand the GenDx product portfolio.

What motivates you in your work?
What motivates me is the great teamwork we have at GenDx, and it’s not just within the R&D team but the whole company. Because of this positive atmosphere created at GenDx, it makes me feel that my work is recognized, supported and appreciated and which has fulfilled my expectation from work.

What achievements are you most proud of?
As a project manager R&D, I have recently and officially kicked off a new R&D project which will help expand the GenDx product portfolio. Setting up this project was a complex and challenging process but I am very happy about the outcome from the initial stage.

What is your passion, besides your work at GenDx?
I like cooking and inviting friends over to eat together. I also enjoy cooking together with my friends, for example, making jiaozi (aka dumplings) or baozi.  And of course after dinner we would be playing board games such as the werewolf game (before Covid).

What do people probably don’t know about you?
Occasionally I like to discover my physical limit in suboptimal situations. For example, cycling ~70 km on a normal bike from Gouda to Hellevoetsluis or jogging 15 km in a warm summer night. Those activities were initiated without a proper plan but because of the uncertainty, they have created lots of exciting memories in my life.