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The GenDx Transplant Monitoring System facilitates the steps necessary for qPCR-based chimerism analysis.

After a stem cell transfer, an induced state of chimerism is generated. The chimerism status of an individual may change over time and should be monitored to determine the success of the transfer. 

Whether your research requires monitoring the kinetics of stem cell engraftment or solid organ rejection, our workflow provides a sensitive and robust method for quantifying chimeric mixtures of human DNA.

KMRengine Chimerism Analysis Software automates the process of informative marker selection and post-transplant monitoring with our KMRtype Genotyping qPCR reagents and KMRtrack Monitoring qPCR reagents.

Available as Research Use Only (RUO)

Chimerism Analysis Software

  • Supports platforms such as ABI7500, ViiA7 and Quantstudio 6 & 7 platforms
  • Stores results from informative marker analysis
  • Stores longitudinal sample data
  • Creates XML files, enabling direct importing into LIMS

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Genotyping qPCR Reagents

  • Multiplexed DNA Genotyping
  • Simultaneous typing of 8 Samples
  • Simple analysis of multiple donors


 KMRtype kit


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Monitoring qPCR Reagents

  • Singleplex format for highest possible sensitivity
  • High sensitivity and specificity

    KMRtype kit

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