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Extended Region Reading

When a sequence file spans multiple exons, SBTengine uses this extra data in the allele assignment. For example, when you sequence exon 2 with a reversed primer and the sequence reads through into exon 1, SBTengine not only uses the exon 2 reverse sequence, but also the exon 1 reverse sequence. This way you get extra sequence data without performing extra reactions which is valuable in solving ambiguities. 

By default, all read through sequences are disabled but they can easily be added to the analysis by toggling the check box "Toggle Sequence On or Off".
In the picture below, the read trough sequence data is indicated with blue arrows. The blue color indicates that the sequences are disabled at the moment.
  • Exon 1 sequence is a read trough from the exon 2 reverse sequence file.
  • Exon 6 sequence is a read trough from the exon 5 forward sequence file.

    So in this case you additionally get the sequence information of 2 exons without performing the reaction for it!